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No.Condition Text
1.The proposal is considered to be unacceptable having regard to Policy COM04 of the Breckland Local Plan (Adopted) as well as paragraphs 83 and 91 of the NPPF (2019) in terms of the loss of a community facility on account of insufficient marketing evidence to demonstrate the lack of viability of the pub use in order to justify the change of use and subsequent loss of community facility.
2.The Local Planning Authority has acted positively and proactively in determining this application within the statutory timeframe/in as timely a manner as possible [delete as appropriate], (having engaged with the Applicant at the pre-application stage), and by identifying matters of concern with the application and discussing those with the Applicant. However, the issues are so fundamental to the proposal that it has not been possible to negotiate a satisfactory solution and due to the harm which has been clearly identified within the reason(s) for the refusal, approval has not been possible. Copies of all documentation submitted in connection with this application can be viewed online at
3.Appeals against planning decisions If you are aggrieved by the decision of your local planning authority to refuse permission for the proposed development or to grant it subject to conditions, then you can appeal to the Secretary of State under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. If you want to appeal against your local planning authority's decision then you must do so within 6 months of the date of this notice. Appeals can be made online at: If you are unable to access the online appeal form, please contact the Planning Inspectorate to obtain a paper copy of the appeal form on tel: 0303 444 5000. The Secretary of State can allow a longer period for giving notice of an appeal but will not normally be prepared to use this power unless there are special circumstances which excuse the delay in giving notice of appeal. The Secretary of State need not consider an appeal if it seems to the Secretary of State that the local planning authority could not have granted planning permission for the proposed development or could not have granted it without the conditions they imposed, having regard to the statutory requirements, to the provisions of any development order and to any directions given under a development order. If you intend to submit an appeal that you would like examined by inquiry then you must notify the Local Planning Authority and Planning Inspectorate ( at least 10 days before submitting the appeal. Further details are on GOV.UK